Excalibur Brothers offers a wide variety of daggers and shorts swords. Excalibur Brothers’ distinctive daggers and short swords make excellent home or office decor. Give your office, den or study a unique and creative medieval feel. Daggers and short swords also make great unique gift ideas. Finally “something” for “The Man Who Has Everything”.

Hand and a Half Dagger

Whetstone Ornate Small Sword

Mithrokil – Short Sword

Death’s Head Dagger With Plaque

Kit Rae BlackJet Triple Throwing Dagger Set

Cold Steel – Jade Lion Dagger

Cold Steel – Colichemarde Dagger

Cold Steel – Ribbed Shell Parrying Companion Dagger

Brass Medieval Double Edged Stainless Steel Dagger

Silver Medieval Double Edged Stainless Steel Dagger